What You May Get in a Student Accommodation Package

If you are enrolled in a university abroad and are going to search for accommodation for your stay, then you need to know a few things. One of the major things that you need to know is what is included in an accommodation package for students.

As a matter of the fact, today, you not just find a place to stay in an accommodation package meant for students. In addition to that, you also get several facilities and services in that package. Different accommodation properties in many countries provide a variety of these services and amenities to international students. These features may be for different aspects of students’ lives such as studies, fun, fitness, etc.

Here, you will know what you may find in a student accommodation package.

Study Tables & Chairs

This is the feature that you find in most accommodation units. Since you are living in an overseas nation for higher education, this is your major need. So, study tables and chairs are provided for you to study and write notes.

Study Room

You may find this feature also in many student properties. A study room is meant for students so that they could study without any disturbance. This feature is very useful, especially for time exams.

Internet Connection

An internet connection has become necessary today without any second thought. It is required most for the studies of students. Students can complete their projects and assignments through the internet and can get help for their studies in several ways.

Many institutions provide online lectures today, which makes the internet not only beneficial but also essential for students. Moreover, students can accomplish other online tasks also such as online shopping, entertainment, communication, social media involvement, etc.

This is why most of the accommodation properties of today are equipped with internet connections. Wi-Fi connections can be found in most of the properties. Many properties also have broadband connections.


Fitness is also a necessary aspect for everyone, especially for youngsters. According to experts, a fit body is the source of good mental health.

This is why gyms are available in a large number of student properties around the world. These gyms are fully equipped with modern and advanced workout machines.

Games Room

Fun is also a necessary aspect for everyone for living a balanced life. For the fun of students, games rooms are available in a number of properties. In these rooms, students find pool tables, table tennis tables, foosball tables, and video gaming consoles. However, which of them is available, varies from property to property. By playing the games as per the arrangements, students can have loads of fun.


For the entertainment of students, many accommodation properties comprise in-house cinemas where they can watch movies with friends.


Students can have entertainment, watch news & discovery programs, see devotional programs, etc. in their units also on the television available inside them. In a number of accommodation properties, cable TV connections are available for this purpose. Moreover, many accommodations have smart TVs, so students can also watch programs on OTT platforms.

Sports Courts

Sports are the best ways to get fun and fitness together. In many accommodation properties around the world, students can find sports courts, such as volleyball courts, basketball courts, and tennis courts.

Swimming Pool

Swimming is another method to have fun along with working for fitness. Several student properties also have their in-house swimming pools, where students can do swimming, play with friends, and sit on the deck.

Fully-Equipped Kitchen

In student accommodations around the world, you can find fully-equipped kitchens, where you can get the dining arrangements such as cooking hobs, microwaves, ovens, and fridges. Moreover, dishwashers and sinks are also provided to students for washing the dishes.


Apart from the cooking facilities in kitchens, some student properties also offer BBQs to residents. So, they can enjoy the grilled food.

Storage Spaces

Storage spaces are necessary for students to keep different types of assets. So, student accommodations comprise different types of storage spaces among which we can first name the wardrobes. Most of the residences have wardrobes where students can unload their suitcases after shifting and keep the newly purchased clothes from time to time. Other storage spaces, such as bookshelves and under-bed storage can also be found in many houses.

Final Words

Apart from the above-mentioned ones, there are a lot of other things that you can find with accommodations in different parts of the world. Some properties have libraries for the better studies of students. Most of the properties comprise laundry rooms where residents can get their clothes washed.

In the student properties, there are good security arrangements such as 24/7 security teams, CCTV cameras, and secure door entries.

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