Top Common Idioms to Enhance IELTS Score

Increase IELTS Score

Simple Skills to Improve IELTS Qualifications – Simple Skills are a way to communicate and produce answers that come with local spears. But for example, you need to learn how to use and construct idioms in a sentence. So let me tell you about popular idioms to boost your IELTS score.

In addition, much information is used in everyday life. Whether used for business, media, personal or social communication. Idioms make each sentence very creative. In this study, we bring you the best examples of using the idioms you need to know. Read some useful phrases for IELTS discussion.

10 Phrases to Increase IELTS Score

Top 10 Instances for IELTS

The easiest way to get a 7+ score is to use idioms. But the big problem is that they use these things because they don’t fit into the sentences. But if they want to, your sentence will look creative. Most importantly you need to pay attention to three main things.

  • Glossary resources should be easy to use to discuss multiple topics.
  • Use specialized dictionaries and small idioms.
  • Understand meaning and space.
  • It is also useful to use descriptive words.

Check out the following examples we’ve mentioned for you and learn how to communicate effectively.

At Cloud Nine

It means a lot of enjoyment and excitement.

For example, if someone asks you – Do you adore your work?

Answer – I have to say that I love my job and all the co -workers out there. I’m satisfied with my work, I’m in cloud nine.

My Blood Is Red

Of course you are very angry.

As an Example – Do you work with your family?

Answer – I have little to do with my family. But my brother is very sad and proud. Every time I was asked about my clothes, my blood boiled.

Like the Two -Legged Dog

It determines when the puppy shakes its tail and shows excitement. So a two-tailed dog means a lot of fun.

As an Example – Who is your best friend?

Answer – Vijeta is the name of my best friend. We have known each other since childhood. Every time I saw him, I was like a two -tailed dog.

It takes me to the top of the barrier

This means you will be very bored.

As an Example – What is your favorite color?

Answer – Yes, pink is my favorite color because I have the largest pink collection. But when someone showed me my clothes, I was wearing pink; I pushed them off the wall.

Lack of heart is heartache

That means you have to stay for a while so that you lose someone from that person.

For example, – He really loved the loss of my heart; I knew I had completely lost him.

Take the Bulls from the Horns

It looks like an elephant in a room. Stop the challenge.

As an Example – take Barzagov off your horn, you have to solve big problems.

Throw in a towel

It means to give or to part.

For example, I throw in a towel and finish my job and I’m not satisfied.

Feathered Birds

It represents people who think the same way and live together.

As an Example – Those two girls are like feathered flora and fauna. It’s no wonder they talk so often.

The Show Touches My Wave

It means that someone is hurting you a lot.

As an Example – How can you improve your environment?

Answer – I’m scared because there are no recycling boxes here. I am very supportive of the environment; we need to do more to protect the environment.

I’ll hit the roof

It is determined to be very aggressive and aggressive.

As an Example – Did you have any clubs when you were a kid?

Answer – When I was a kid I loved to ride a bike. I rode my bike every day. But one day a friend asked my bike to ride and hit the wall. I hit the roof, but thankfully, it wasn’t too bad, even though he was fine.

Bottom Line

If you want to get IELTS 7 band score, you need to save your vocabulary. In other words, you need to use simple phrases and idioms to surprise the observer. And learn these key words with the help of good IELTS training center in Delhi, if you don’t want to move to Delhi you can also opt for other good cities near you. If you have not done well in IELTS you should look for universities that accept low IELTS qualifications for studying abroad. Therefore, this study will provide a better dictionary guide for IELTS.

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