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Himachal Pradesh, a beautiful state that is landlocked in northern India provides stunning and breathtaking views. The breathtaking mountain ranges offer ideal for an adventure. There is a tiny hill station called Bir. Bir A small hill station is located at 1 812 metres over sea level. The area is bordered by lush hills and three rivers that intersect in the region. This region is a frequent destination for Indian Trekkers because it provides them with an amazing Himalayan bird’s-eye view Dhankar Peak (5,420 m) which is one of the amazing views to see around Bir.

Also, Manali which offers guest facilities such as accommodations such as hostels and hotels renting. Even if you’re someone who wants to save money and want to travel in general, but on the tightest budget, these hostels could be your ideal choice. These hostels will provide cheap accommodation and an ideal experience for those who love nature. They are in a relaxed atmosphere with the locals, which makes you feel like you are at home , regardless of the distance between.

Here’s a list of five hostels you could look into when making plans for your excursion to Bir.

The Trippy Tribe Trippy Tribe

Its Trippy Tribe will give you the feeling that you’re traveling with your buddies. The hostel offers an office space that people can gather, socialize and work. When you leave, you will be tempted to rid yourself of your gadgets and experience the days without gadgets. The hostel provides a range of facilities for its guests like wireless internet, free parking and a common area and café, a restaurant, PlayStation, and board games.

The Bunker Hostel is located in the Bunker Hostel

A refuge created by artists to help travelers seek security to rest in the Himalayan valley of Bir-Billing. This Bunker Hostel is a safe sanctuary for travelers to travel across the globe. With spectacular views from the premises, you’ll be able to enjoy your time with incredible travelers and make many memories that will last forever. The property offers various amenities including free internet as well as free parking barbecue, a shared lounge and games room, terrace and a cafe. Additionally, bicycle rentals are available.

Bir Nest

Bir Nest is a backpackers hostel that is located inside Chaugan Village. The hostel features step farming on balconies and windows. It is a great chance to connect with fellow travelers and experience something you’ve never had before. The hotel has stunning and gorgeous views. The property is huge and will keep you coming back for more. leave. The hotel offers a variety of facilities to guests such as free wifi, parking, and a

A shared lounge, a terrace as well as a games room. A bicycle rental service is also offered in the hotel.

Cosmic Kriya Bir

Cosmic Kriya can be described as a warm and relaxing retreat by the stream of the river for anyone who wants to rejuvenate recharge, replenish and rejuvenate. It’s a dream hotel for any traveler. If you don’t think of Cosmic Kriya as one of the possibilities, you could be regretting it. The hotel has a range of facilities like free wifi as well as free parking and a pool. barbecue terrace, a the shared lounge, a playground for children Cafe and the restaurant.

The Bunksters

The Bunksters has the most relaxing cool, cozy and relaxed atmosphere to guests. The view of the property is worth it all. The Banksters guarantee that you will not regret the time you spend the The Banksters. The hostel offers numerous amenities including free Wi-Fi and parking for free and BBQ cafe, PlayStation, games room and an outdoor terrace. You won’t find a more comfortable hostel in Bir with stunning landscapes and such amenities.

How can I get to Bir?

The journey by bus can take approximately 3-4 hours, dependent on traffic. Likewise, the taxi ride takes around 2 hours. Another alternative is to take the railway from Dehradun up to Bir. The closest railway station is situated in Kathgodam located about 60 km (37 miles) away. The train journey takes between 5 and 6 hours.


A trip to the beach can be extremely enjoyable if you’re in great company. Making time to go out and spending the chance to relax every now and then is essential for mental well-being. Making friends with like-minded people could positively impact your outlook on life and the world. If you’re someone who likes to travel on a budget and want to travel extensively but are on an extremely tight budget, these hostels are the best option. It’s already halfway to your goal, all you have to do is to find the perfect companion or group, or perhaps you can go it alone and have fun. If you’re reading this article , it is a signal that you should get everything off the table and take a trip into the mountains. Don’t put off planning your trip to Bir! Move people!

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