Pros and Cons of University of Worcester

University of Worcester

University of Worcester

Are you planning to move to Worcester? Then you would want to find out all about this city in central Massachusetts and what makes it tick. So, what are the pros and cons of University of Worcester? Living in Worcester means you can enjoy all the features that make it alive such as fun activities, a strong economy, and a medium of innovation, quality education, and minimal traffic. Nevertheless, it is not without problems. Disadvantages include unsafe areas, inaccessibility, severe weather, and areas of fatigue.

Despite its shortcomings, Worcester is still a great place. It is the second largest city in New England and has a rich history as an industrial city. But it is much more than that. Continue to read to find out more about University of Worcester. Study in UK consultant is also available to help you out.

Pros of Existing in University of Worcester

Plenty of Tricks for Inhabitants

Since this is not Boston, you may be afraid of getting tired of a city in Massachusetts. But Worcester is not a small town, and you never get tired. There are a number of things to do and a variety of attractions throughout the city. There are theaters, museums, parks and much more everywhere in the city.

Vigorous Nation

The economy is crucial to quality of life, and the economy is very good here in Worcester. This is no business city beyond the days of glory. It is a town that has redeveloped itself. There are several job opportunities, and you can easily find a good one. The unemployment rate in Worcester was 5.6% for June 2021, which is lower than the national average. Job creation is high here, and the education sector is thriving.

However, the median household income in Worcester is $ 48,139, which is lower than the national average of $ 62,843. This shows that despite the strong economy, many residents are still struggling financially. If it’s comfort, Boston is close by with better pay and opportunities.

Center of Modernization

The city is home to one of the best technical schools in the United States, which has developed many inventions. Worcester Polytechnic College concentrates in science and machinery. Beyond that, the manufacturing sector in Worcester is strong, and Worcester’s innovations include typewriter, rocket fuel, Anti Gravity suit, and much more.

Edifying Prospects

There are several schools in this city, offering you the best K-12 attendance. Whether you want private or public schools, this city has got you covered. The school district serving the city is Worcester Public Schools, which is of a high standard. There are also a number of recruitment schools and science and technical secondary schools.

In addition, the Diocese of Worcester operates a Catholic school system in the city. Also, University of Worcester has two prep schools named as Bancroft School and Worcester Academy. Higher education options outside of K-12 options include Clark University, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Holy Cross College, Becker College, University of Massachusetts medical schools, MHCPS University, and more.

Smallest Passage

Unlike nearby Boston, the most densely populated city in the U.S., Worcester has little traffic. This is evident in the one-way travel time, which is on average 24 minutes and below the national average. However, it is not the best public transport system, as Walk Score gives the city a mobility score of 33/100. There is very little cycling infrastructure here too, but in some neighborhoods you may still be able to ride your bike. However, Worcester’s walking score of 56/100 means that some mistakes can be made on foot, and it is not a city entirely dependent on a car.

Cons of Existing in University of Worcester

Dangerous Surroundings

The crime rate here is one of the worst for the entire state. This can be a problem for many people, given the importance of safety when choosing a city to live in. The overall crime rate is 8% above the national average, and violent crime is 66% higher. Fortunately, property crimes are down 3%, so this is not bad news for security.

The chance of becoming a victim of crime in Worcester is 1 in 38, but the city is still safer than 14% of the country’s cities. However, you can rest assured that crime has been declining for some time now. In addition, there are still a number of neighborhoods in the city where crime rates are very low.

Luxurious to Live

Although the cost of living is only slightly higher than the national average, it is higher. The rate of living with extra expenses here is 2.2% and above the national standard. So, if you are looking for an affordable city in Massachusetts, this is not it. What make it more expensive is the taxes that residents have to pay here.

The Worcester tax rate is higher than most Massachusetts cities usually pay in taxes. Overall, the state income tax is set at 5.05% and sales tax at 6.25%. This is valid all through the situation, and no nation can inflict its assessment. However, property taxes could be levied by counties. This is where the tax rate in Worcester rises sharply. Property taxes in the city are 1.628% for residential properties and 3.62% for commercial properties.

Tremendous winters and Bad Climate

Once you stay in New England, there is no way to escape the harsh winters. So you can expect lots of snow, ice, and cold storms in winter in Worcester. You make a lot of snow shovels while you are there. Winter storms in Worcester are very dangerous, and businesses usually close due to high winds and heavy snow.

The spring season is no better because this brings with it what the locals call the Mod season. This happens between March and April when the meltdown turns everything around. Only summers and fall seasons are very pleasant here, and even summers can be hot at times.

Badly Maintained Areas

The town has greatly improved itself. But it is far from perfect. You can still find memories from his business history in some parts with many factors abandoned. Fortunately, Worcester is working to improve these areas.

In Termination

Worcester as a city combines the features of an urban center with a small town. Unlike Boston, it is quiet with very little traffic and many other positive things. But it does have some negative aspects that you, as a resident, might be concerned about. By now, you know enough about the city to decide if it’s good for you.

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