Master in Data Science from Canada: Eligibility, Fee, Universities & More

Why choose a Master in Data Science in Canada? It is already the time to ask so many questions as data science is getting more popular daily. Where there were only thousands of international students pursuing data science masters abroad, now there are millions. One of the very top targeted countries for this is Canada. Filled with excellent opportunities during and after studies, Canada is known for its nature and environment for students and immigrants. It proves to be such a good choice that Canada is labeled as the ‘best investment to your future.’

Why Data Science from Canada?

The reasons are quite simple. One, Canada is among the very best countries for studying abroad. Canadian universities excel, whether it is a business, management related, medical, agriculture or computer science course. Second, many Canadian universities are ranked in the top global data science master’s programs. Names like UBC and McGill are one-two of the many available games here. Third, the return on investment (ROI) in Canada after graduating is top-notch as it pays handsomely with an understandable investment (thus the label mentioned at the start).

If we neglect all the studies-related things, Canada is still much more. It is already one of the most favourite countries among tourists, filled with diversity and has an excellent multicultural environment. In addition, the country is very open to international students and immigrants by providing easy access to the country. Yes, you can comparably get your visa, and permanent residency (PR) easily approved in Canada. These things make masters in data science in Canada a much better choice.

Did you know that Canada has the lowest crime rate out of all the major countries for studying abroad, like the US, UK, Australia, Germany, etc.? Therefore, the government is the safest place for an international student with a world-class education and lifestyle experience.

Data Science in Canada: Eligibility & Fee

However friendly a country may be, you still need to be eligible if you wish to apply for a master’s degree in data science at a Canadian university. Among many requirements for a particular purpose, few things make you eligible to do so. Yet, these are some of the most common yet important items throughout your education. Please have a look at the eligibility requirements and memorize them well.

Masters in Data Science from Canada eligibility:

  • a four-year undergraduate degree or equivalent
  • academic transcripts
  • GRE/GMAT scores
  • English language test scores
  • an application fee

With this done, the next big thing is the fee criteria. As already mentioned, Canadian data science degrees come with handsome paychecks. And for that, all you need to do is have a budget of around 20-30 lakhs. Then, depending on the university of your choice, you can expect total tuition (two years) of 40-60 lakhs. Getting the best career opportunities in this rice makes Canada one of the best countries to do a data science degree.

Data Science in Canada: Top Universities

While Canada is good for the cost, living and overall experience, it is also filled with world-class universities. You can instantly name many names when it comes to top global universities. For example, data science master’s courses are very popular and can be found in almost all top Canadian universities. However, if you start digging from scratch, it will take weeks or months to decide.

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Canada is filled with many top-quality universities that offer data since masters. Many of these have separate computer science departments to provide specialized education. By getting into these particular universities in Canada, you can surely secure a quality job role after your graduation. These are the top universities in Canada for Master in Data Science:

1University of TorontoToronto
2The University of British Columbia (UBC)Endowment
3Queen’s UniversityKingston
4University of WaterlooWaterloo
5HEC MontrealMontreal
6Simon Fraser UniversityBurnaby
7Ryerson UniversityToronto
8McGill UniversityMontreal
9Carleton UniversityOttawa
10University of CalgaryCalgary


To conclude, data science from Canada is like investing less and getting more. The salary packages of data science professionals in Canada are often seen in six figures. Also, after you complete your degree, because of the immigration services in the country, you can easily set up a career in Canada. These things seem much more than enough to convince someone to opt for Canada if they wish to pursue a Master in Data Science.

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