How to Pay Your Credit Cards Bill Online: A Step-by-Step Guide

Credit cards bring simplicity to our lives, whether one shops online or at retail outlets. As a cashless mode, instant credit cards help make bill payments.

With the wide range of instant credit cards available nowadays, the requirements of different customers are effectively met. But, customers should also remember that they need to make an online credit card payment by the due date.

Online credit card payment makes things convenient, and the need to visit the nearest bank branch to make the payments is done away with. Instead, one can make online credit card payment comfortably from home over mobile solutions.

Paying Your Credit Cards Bill Online

Over Your Bank’s Mobile App

While being the simplest, this is also the most convenient method to pay your credit card bills. But, one will have to install the mobile app of one’s bank over one’s smartphone to use it.

For logging on to the app, use your credentials. Now, when you tap on the pay bill, you will likely have a choice to pay off either the full outstanding or the minimum due. 

Next, the payment for your credit card bill will be process, and the amount will be debite from the link bank account.

Use Net Banking

Use your tablet, laptop, or desktop to log on to your bank account by typing in your credentials. Now, go to the cards section. A list of linked cards with your savings bank account will be displayed here. If no cards are linked with your account yet, you will have to complete the linking process first. The instructions for the same will also be displayed over the screen.

Next, you can click on Pay Bill. The options at your disposal will include the entire outstanding amount, the last bill, or the minimum payment. 

After you press confirm, the amount is automatically debited from your savings account and credited to your credit card outstanding bill.

Using Neft

NEFT stands for National Electronic Fund Transfer. Online transfer of money is one of the popular digital methods. Using NEFT, one can pay his credit card bills as well. NEFT becomes a remarkably useful payment method when one does not have a savings account with one’s card issuer.

The Steps For Paying One’s Credit Cards Bills Using Neft Are As Follows:

  • Use your credentials to log on to your net banking account
  • Under the Funds Transfer tab, select NEFT
  • After clicking on Add Beneficiary, type in your credit card details. In the beneficiary name section, you can type your name. Similarly, type in your credit card number in the account number section. The IFSC code to be typed in will be the IFSC code of the bank that has issued the credit card.
  • You can now transfer the amount, the value chosen to your convenience.

At One’s Credit Cards Issuer’s Bill Desk

Your credit card company will have a digital bill desk, and you can use the same to pay your credit card bills. A simple search over Google will get you there. For the same, type in your credit card issuer’s name followed by the credit card bill desk in the search bar.

When at the portal, type in details such as your credit card number and cardholder name. After you specify the payment amount, complete the payment using your net banking account.

Using Digital Wallets

Nowadays, several digital wallets are available for customers’ use, including PayTM, MobiKwik, Google Pay, and Airtel Money. You can use them for paying your credit card bills.

But, it is not possible to pay the credit card bill by using the amount in the digital wallet. One still has to complete the payment using net banking or another debit or credit card.


Making an instant payment for your credit card you can use another credit card which will gives you other benefits like extra days of payment for credit card and on the other hand you will get the best reward benefits and other features through crac to card payment. So, making credit card payment online you have to use option like net banking, visit in banking or even you can pay through your UPI. Without any delay you can pay easily just follow above steps and get best results.

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