How to clean offices quickly and effectively

How to clean offices quickly and effectively. Discover some tips and tricks for proper office cleaning.

How to clean offices quickly and effectively. Discover some tips and tricks for proper office cleaning.

Sometimes cleaning an office can be much easier than it seems. The office is the face of our company for clients and the workers themselves. That is why we cannot neglect it, or leave it dirty or messy. Our image of professionalism also depends on how clean our usual workplace and work meetings are. 

Furthermore, the psychological benefits of a clean and tidy office are obvious. A clean and tidy office promotes concentration and productivity, nothing can distract us from our daily tasks. To this we must add what we all already know, and that is that a pleasant and comfortable workplace makes work flow better, and that employees are happier and perform more and better. 

Hiring the office cleaning service from professionals from a specialized company will save us time and worries. In addition, it will guarantee an optimal and unbeatable result.

If you want to know how to clean offices quickly and effectively , follow the tips that we discuss below.

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Quick and efficient cleaning of an office: some tips

To carry out a fast and effective office cleaning, it is necessary to carry out a series of practical tips:

  • Remove everything from the desktop. If possible, throw away what is no longer necessary. 
  • Of course, empty the bins and change the garbage bag of these. 
  • Clean the furniture with a slightly damp cloth. The material we use for cleaning will vary depending on the furniture treated. Thus, for some in particular (for example, for books and paper files) it will be preferable to use a duster. 
  • As for electronic devices, so susceptible to being filled with fingerprints, dust, traces of grease, etc., we will treat them with special care and meticulousness. These devices must be disinfected daily, due to their use and for the prevention of virus infections. Moisture should not be used directly. It is preferable to use microfiber cloths with neutral detergent. This is an important factor in knowing how to clean offices fast

More practical Tips

  • Use natural products for office chairs, which are very prone to cracking or peeling. To avoid damage to office materials, including wood, for example, we must use microfiber cloths with a neutral detergent and dry the surface immediately.
  • Crystals are equally important for the good image offered by our business. Cleaning windows and glass is essential.
  • In office kitchens, it is also very important to clean the worktops as often as possible, for example daily. At this point, it is also important that each employee is careful and clean when eating. 
  • Anything out of place should be tidied up. Glasses and plates should go to the kitchen cabinets. The papers and objects that hinder the passage or the work (such as the rubbish bins themselves) should go to their place, especially if they do not hinder the passage. 
  • It is necessary to vacuum regularly to avoid accumulations of dust. As long as the office is empty, so as not to affect the performance of the workers.
  • We will have to use mops and mops, but not brooms, since these instruments move the dust from one place to another, instead of eliminating it. 
  • Naturally, it is also essential to disinfect bathrooms. As with electronic devices, this is a place where bacteria are very frequented. To clean the sinks, it will suffice to use a damp cloth. Mirrors can be cleaned with paper and glass cleaner. 

SCS Group Integrated Services, specialists in office cleaning

At SCS Group Integrated Services we are specialized in office cleaning and we offer very competitive prices. We ensure the good condition of your office 365 days a year and we adapt to any schedule. We know that the concentration of workers directly influences their productivity, which is why we take care not to interrupt their work rhythm.

For more information, or if you need to request a personalized quote, do not hesitate to contact us.

We hope this article on how to clean offices quickly and effectively has been helpful to you, to learn a little more about some tricks to keep the office always in perfect condition.

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