How Custom Cardboard Cutouts Can Make Your Wedding or Party Unique

Consider using custom cardboard cutouts to create a unique and memorable experience when planning your wedding or party. Whether you use these cutouts traditionally or go for an innovative approach, having a custom cardboard cutout at your event will add a touch of class and uniqueness.

So, if you’re looking to add a little extra oomph to your wedding or party, cardboard cutouts can be the perfect way to do it. Not only are they easy to create and customize, but they can also be very fun and unique. Below are a few ideas for how to go about creating cardboard cutouts.

What Are Custom Cardboard Cutouts, and Why Should You Do Them?

Custom cardboard cutouts are a great way to add excitement and fun to your wedding party. Not only do they look amazing, but they also help with organizing and making sure everyone is on the same page. Moreover, there are many customization options, like personalized wedding napkins, to find the perfect one for your event. 

Below are a few reasons why custom cardboard cutouts may be the perfect choice for your wedding/party: 

  • They’re easy to make and take just a few minutes to complete.
  • Cutouts are versatile and can be used in a variety of ways.
  • Cutouts come in many different colors and styles.
  • They’re affordable and can be added to any event budget.

How to Make a Custom Cardboard Cutout: The Steps and Materials?

Making a custom cardboard cutout is fun and easy to add personality and excitement to your projects! Here are the steps and materials you’ll need:

  • Start by tracing out a basic design on cardboard.
  • Cut out the outline of your design with a sharp knife.
  • Template your cardboard cutout using one of our templates or online tools.
  • Once your template is complete, score the edges of your cutouts with a knife, so they have even lines (this will help them look more professional).
  • Place the cutouts on some fabric or paper to dry (this will help them look more like final cuts).
  • We recommend painting or lacquering them before presenting them to your guests to give them life!

What to Consider When Making a Custom Cardboard Cutout?

If you’re making a custom cardboard cutout, there are a few things to consider. Whether you’re creating models or illustrations, ensuring the final product is aesthetically pleasing and functional is important. Below are a few tips for improving your cutouts:

  • Please ensure the size of your cardboard cutout is appropriate for the project it will be used in. For example, if you are making a custom gift card, ensure the card size is large.
  • Personalize your cardboard cutout with your unique design or logo. You can also choose to use pre-made designs or create your own.
  • Make sure the cardboard cutout has enough structural integrity so that it does not bend or break easily. This includes ensuring that the edges are straight and even and that all of the pieces are connected properly.
  • Ensure the cardboard is of good quality and has no shadows or unsightly blemishes.
  • Consider the size of the Cutout and how much space it will need to occupy on your card. You may choose a smaller or larger size to create a more intricate design.
  • Use some adhesive to adhere the cardboard to your surface, ensuring it doesn’t move or fade over time. This will help prevent any undesirable changes in color or design after the Cutout is used multiple times.

Examples of How to Use a Custom Cardboard Cutout in Your Wedding

One of the simplest and most efficient ways to add personality and excitement to your wedding is by using a custom cardboard cutout. Not only do custom cardboard cutouts add a fun and unique touch to your wedding, but they can also be very cost effective. Here are three easy ways to use a custom cardboard cutout in your wedding: 

1. The Bride & Groom Cutout

There is no need to look any further than this cardboard cutout of the bride and groom if you want to add a touch of rustic elegance to the décor of your wedding or reception. This Cutout is simple to assemble and may be used for any occasion where it would be impractical or prohibitively expensive to decorate using conventional methods. It is made of strong cardboard.

This Cutout will bring a sense of nostalgia to your event, whether used as a backdrop for photographs or as the focal point of a table display.

2. Wedding Receptions

When the wedding is over, many individuals will be hunting for pictures and other mementoes of their wonderful day once the wedding is over. If you can get a cardboard cutout of the bride and groom to display during the reception, you should take advantage of the opportunity. This reminder that the day was special will help everyone remain together and in good spirits throughout the day.

3. Entry to the Wedding Venue

The experience of attending a wedding can be made more exciting and unforgettable for guests by placing a cardboard cutout of the bride and groom at the venue’s door. Any event can benefit from this decoration, which is easy to make and very effective.


In conclusion, having custom cardboard cutouts made for your wedding or party is a wonderful way to inject personality and individuality into the event. You can guarantee that everyone will have a good time and that they will all feel like they are appreciated if you produce custom playing cards.

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