Everything you need to know to buy solar panels

The best solar panels’ main technical characteristic to know to judge the performance and buy solar panels is their power (in kW), it will depend on the material and the surface of the panels.

The production power, on the other hand, determines the capacity of the solar panels to produce electricity in ideal conditions: inclination, sunny day, orientation.

It is important to know what your annual energy consumption is.

This is essential information for a correct evaluation, in addition, it will allow you to understand the power of the solar panel system you need.

It is very convenient to evaluate and take into account the budget involved in the installation of a solar panel system to avoid unpleasant surprises due to unexpected expenses.

The essential thing is to have the advice of experts who guarantee you:

Real savings, meeting system installation times
after-sales service

Proper maintenance, so that the system always operates with the maximum efficiency available
A solar panel is a device that captures and harnesses the sun’s energy to generate heat or electricity.

Within this category are photovoltaic panels that, through solar radiation, generate electricity.

Photovoltaic panels or plates are made up of many cells.

A photovoltaic system brings together the necessary components to transform solar energy into usable electrical energy: solar panels, inverter, battery, and meter.

Benefits of buying solar panels

The benefits derived from the installation of solar panels are undeniable for the environment and the economy.

A solar panel system helps save money and reduce dependence on the national public grid power supply services:

These panels prevent the emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere
The energy will be autonomous with respect to its production, so it no longer has to depend on any fuel
They are a more environmentally friendly source of energy and help prevent climate change and its negative effects.

They have the possibility of increasing the value of the property

The costs for the use of the national public network are reduced
They have high energy efficiency
Components of a solar panel system

Photovoltaic inverter, responsible for converting the solar energy collected by the solar panels into electricity. Aesthetically it is similar to an electrical panel protected by a metal casing.

A meter to calculate the energy produced.

What are the best solar panels?
Solar panel systems are all different from each other.

It is incorrect to think that a standard system is suitable for all buildings, houses, or companies.

The factors to consider in this first stage of installation are:
– The presence of a sloped roof instead of a flat roof

– The extent of the area to be covered

– The presence of trees, poles, or other elements, can shade the panels and negatively affect their productivity levels

– Sun exposure

– Quality of the material: the modules must last a long time.

Features to consider before buying solar panels:

– Performance and warranty: if we talk about product warranty, almost all solar panels have a warranty of 10 years or more.

In terms of performance, however, the duration is longer and, in the most advanced models, you get a 25-year performance guarantee.

However, what distinguishes the best solar panels is the power output at 25 years, which should not be less than 80% of the minimum rated power.

By multiplying the power of a single module by the number of panels you want to install, you get the total power of the system: it is a simple and fundamental calculation to correctly size the photovoltaic system according to your needs.

Both categories lend themselves

Resistance to static load and weather: Solar Panels Fort Collins must withstand bad weather or very strong gusts of wind, especially if you live in areas subject to this type of atmospheric phenomenon.

– Operating temperature: there are models that tolerate high temperatures better than others, but that does not mean that they are more efficient.

To identify the most suitable solar panels, you must verify the minimum and maximum operating temperatures that they can withstand.

Types of solar panels

– Monocrystalline photovoltaic panels: they have an almost black or totally black color.

The cells that make up the panel (monocrystalline) arise from a single silicon crystal and are all oriented in the same direction.

The advantage of this is to increase energy production, especially when the light strikes the panel perpendicularly, and makes its installation ideal when the building does not have excellent radiation.

It is less homogeneous silicon, but with similar features and low cost.

This feature, however, highlights their particularity, because they are able to take better advantage of sunlight throughout the day. Furthermore, its installation is ideal for south-facing buildings with pitched roofs between 20° and 30°.

Both categories lend themselves

Both categories lend themselves to being installed both on the roof of a home and in larger spaces of a company or factory.

Where to install solar panels?

Before placing the panels it is necessary to check some aspects:

It all depends on the geographical area.

Inclination: with a 20/30° inclined roof, the panels are capable of capturing most of the sun’s rays at any time of the day.

In the case of flat or slightly sloped roofs, it is possible to use supports to increase the slope of the panels.

Best placing the panels

Presence of any obstacle: nearby antennas or trees can create shadows and make it difficult for the modules to refract rays.

For greater security and convenience, we are a qualified and competent company that can identify the best solution for your needs.

The benefit is a complete solution, from the technical visit and design to the installation and maintenance of the solar panel system.

Maintenance of solar panels

Rain, pollution, bird droppings, or branches can make it difficult to absorb solar energy, so its maintenance and cleaning are important.

Similarly, use quality water that does not contain many mineral salts that can stick to the surface and clog it.

This formality allows you to extend the useful life of your installation. Therefore, it is advisable to call a qualified professional to carry out this maintenance in complete safety.

How to find the right size for your solar panel system?

The size of a solar panel system depends on the energy needs of your family.

As a general indication, an area of ​​8.5 square meters of solar panels is enough to cover the average energy consumption of a person.

So you can multiply this figure by the number of people living in a house to get a rough idea of ​​the solar panel system you should install.

Of course, the amount of available ceiling space may limit the size of the system. This is not to say that bigger is better. Oversizing or under sizing the solar panel system and/or storage system can be inconvenient:

solar panel system

This translates into a high initial investment that does not guarantee an adequate economic return.

– If you decide to install a few panels to save costs, you run the risk of not being able to cover your energy needs. This means having to continue to rely on power from the national public grid.

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