Beautiful weekend journey in Himachal 


Passing through lush denes, mooching gutters, snow- limited peaks, barren stretches, insulated townlets and so much more, touring in Himachal Pradesh are truly exhilarating. While the beauty is admiration- inspiring, the experience is cherished for a long time especially if you’re into photography. 

Triund journey – mcleodganj 

  •  Height,432 ft above ocean position 
  •  Duration 1 day 
  •  Difficulty position Easy to moderate 
  •  Stylish Season October to June 
  •  Starting Point, Gallu Devi Temple, 2- 3 kilometers ahead of Dharamkot 

 One of the easiest journeys in India, Triund in Himachal Pradesh is one of the stylish places for adventure. Nestled in the stage of the Dhauladhar Mountains, Triund enjoys stirring views of the mountains and the Kangra Valley. 

 A tranquil experience of the Himalayas, the journey starts from Mcleodganj, themini-Tibet of India, where His Highness the Dalai Lama makes his residence. The 6- km trail passes through a beautiful mixed timber of oak, and deodar. The adventure passage ends at the campground, where tented accommodation lets you enjoy an escape from metropolises. 

 The pure bliss of the mountains, amazing views, and over all. The clear skies that reveal innumerable stars, makes the adventure worth your time. Plan a weekend flight in Himachal or amini-break, with this instigative journey. 

 You can also trek to Chadar – Zanskar River, which is the Frozon river. Trek the most beautiful trek, covered in white snow.

Kheer ganga journey – kasol 

  •  Height 13000 ft above ocean position 
  •  Duration 2- 3 Days 
  •  Difficulty position Moderate 
  •  Stylish Season October to December and March to June. 
  •  Starting Point Barshaini near Kasol 

 Hidden in the beautiful breadth of Himalayas, the KheerGanga. Journey isn’t just one of the popular journeys in Himachal Pradesh but clearly also among the stylish in India. The stirring beauty coupled with the exhilaration of the. Unexplored is a perfect cure of adventure for the mountain suckers in substance. 

 Pass through the pitches of Parvati Valley, secret townlets, and nature that’s left untouched. Also at the very end of the trail lies the remedial waters of the hot water spring. The name of the journey, Kheer Ganga comes from the water spring, which is said to have medicinal parcels. 

 The 11 km journey can be started from the vill of Barshaini with two popular routes. Each pronounced and counterplotted by former pedestrians and attendants. In addition, you can get help from the original townies en route. 

Hampta pass journey – manali 

  •  Height,100 ft 
  •  Duration 4- 5 Days 
  •  Difficulty Level Easy to Moderate 
  •  Stylish Season June to September 

 Begin your passage from the lush Kullu vale passing through apple vineyards, green meadows, and townlets. The terrain changes as you keep moving. As soon as you step into Lahaul vale, the trail transforms into nearly barren and delicate geomorphology. 

 The gradational ascent makes the passage pleasurable as well as grueling . The fascinating highlight of the journey is a stop at Chandratal, the moon- shaped lake in Himachal. 

 When it’s the summer season in India, Hampta Pass group tenures. Come the most sought option for adventure in the mountains. Take a break down from schedules and plan to feel blessed with your loved bones

Prashar lake journey – mandi 

  •  Height 8900ft. above ocean position 
  •  Duration 2 Days 
  •  Difficulty Level Easy To Moderate. 
  •  Stylish Season Throughout the time 

 Named after the beautiful cerulean Prashar Lake, the journey in Himachal Pradesh. In a word takes you to the very heart of the joyful Himalayas. girdled by the assessing. The touring spot offers stirring views of the Dhauladhar, Pir Panjal. And Kinnaur mountain ranges for the utmost part of the journey. 

 The journey in substance is full of adrenaling. Gushing adventure that ends with a stay in the camp at the lake banks. Sparkling like a gem girdled by the mountains, the lake has a floating islet in it. Settle for a night at the campground. While the night is a show of stars and moon, the morning brings forth a noble evening. The serenity you feel is one of the stylish recollections of touring in India. 

Beas Kund Trek 

  • Beas Kund journey distance 16 km 
  •  Beas Kund journey temperature 10 to 20 degree 
  •  Beas Kund journey is the best time to visit May to July and September to. October are the stylish months for the journey. 
  • Beas Kund altitude,772 ft 
  •  Beas Kund journey difficulty position Easy to moderate 
  • Is located in the Kullu Valley and is the source of the River Beas. Hanuman Tibba and Seven Sisters. Snaking and passing through the Solang vale the trail to. Beas Kund offers an invigorating experience and the trip is filled with several surprises at each turn. 

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