5 Romantic Places in Kochi Perfect for Date Evenings in 2022 

Here is why you should be in Kochi for that perfect romantic date – 

All you need is love and planning a romantic trip with your better half in Kochi. The city of Kochi or Cochin is a fusion of Eastern and European cultures. Couples can paint a beautiful chapter in their love story in this confluence of cultures. Throughout Kochi, you’ll find some of the most serene and romantic places in Kochi for a date night in 2022.

Let’s look at a few spots in Kochi where couples can rekindle their relationship. Here are five romantic places in Kochi perfect for date evenings in 2022. Enjoy a romantic vacay with your loved one at one of Kochi’s 5 romantic spots. 

1. Cherai Beach – Kerala’s Most Popular Beach 

Cherai Beach is one of the most popular and loveliest beaches in Cochin, and it appears in many Chinese internet photos. It is one of the most beautiful in Kochi, with its surrounding coconut forests, an expanse of paddy fields, and Chinese Nets resting on the coast. If you’re lucky, you might even see dolphins. Cherai Beach is unquestionably one of the most romantic sites in Kochi for couples. Come here for a romantic evening, immerse your feet in the surf, and gather scattered seashells. 

2. Marine Drive – For Stunning Sunsets on the Beach 

Like most coastal regions, Marine Drive is one of Kochi’s most beautiful and romantic sites. Simply watching the crashing waves and the stunning sunset will captivate you. After the sun goes down, you may go shopping in nearby shops, and then you can call it a night after having a memorable dinner date at one of the restaurants located on Marine Drive.

3. Fort House Hotel – For A Dreamy Getaway 

Fort House Hotel, another charming seaside resort, is a welcoming place to stay. Come here to be pampered by soothing Ayurvedic massages and to sample the most sumptuous cuisine at its pebble-floored restaurant. The Fort House Hotel is one of the most romantic spots in Kochi for you and your significant other to enjoy the much-needed staycation. The hotel was designed keeping in mind the architecture and décor of the Keralites.  

4. Subhash Park 

Parks are one of the most popular areas for couples to visit in Kochi for a romantic evening stroll while soaking in the surroundings. Subhash Park in Ernakulam is a lovely park. Its western side offers a spectacular view of Vembanad Lake’s backwaters. With palm and coconut trees, grassy meadows, and cobblestone walks, the lakeshore is a perfect spot to speak and unwind. You may also visit the adjacent ancient Shiva temple. 

5. The Rice Boat Restaurant 

The Taj never falls short of its commitment to creating exceptional experiences. The Rice Boat Restaurant is styled after Kerala’s famous Kettuvallam houseboats. The restaurant claims to be Cochin’s most incredible seafood restaurant since it serves fresh fish with delicious flavors. Because it mixes tradition with fabulous food, the Rice Boat Restaurant is one of the finest restaurants in Kochi and the ideal venue for that romantic date you’ve been planning. 

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Kochi has some best places to go on a Romantic date. You should atleast visit Kochi once in a Lifetime.

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