5 Best Social Media Analytic Tools | Benefits & Importance

Without a doubt, Social Media Analytic Tools is an important part of any brand’s marketing and growth strategy. But how does one master social media platforms and maximize their potential? How do you perfect your social media strategies and keep up with the ever-changing trends?

The solution to all of this is Analytic Tools. Social Media Reporting Tools assist brands in collecting and analyzing their social media performance, which aids in the improvement of results.

Let’s understand in detail,

What are social media analytic tools?

Social Media Reporting or Social Media Analytics Tools are programmes designed to assist users in tracking and comprehending the metrics that make social media work.

Businesses can use Social Media Reporting Tools to track the activities on their social media accounts, study their audience behavior, understand their competitors’ strategies and leverage it as a great feedback platform, and improve their products through appropriate social listening.

Social Media Analytics Tools allow you to track the impressions, engagement rate, and follower count of social media posts. You can also easily schedule your content ahead of time and track its performance with detailed analytical reports.

Benefits of social media analytic tools and why are they so important?

Social media reporting tools simplify the process of social media marketing. They can assist you in tracking the social media performance of your brand, measuring audience engagement, and identifying your top-performing content.

Here are a few advantages to using social media reporting tools:

1. Help in better understanding of the audience

The first step in running a successful business is to better understand your audience, get inside their heads, and see things from their point of view. Understanding their behaviours and needs is critical.

Social media analytic tool allow you to gain a better understanding of your audience’s online behaviour and choices. You can also get direct feedback using social media analytics tools.

2. Assist in competitor analysis

In today’s highly competitive world, staying ahead of the competition is essential. Businesses can track and analyze their competitors’ strategy and performance with the help of social media reporting tools, giving them an advantage. You can easily gain insights into your competitors’ strategies and tactics.

Social Media Analytic Tools
Social Media Reporting Tools

3. Assists you in developing better strategies

Social media reporting tools provide a more in-depth view of major areas that require improvement by providing great insights into customer behaviour, content performance, competitor analysis, and industry trends. You can use social media analytics tools to not only create better strategies, but also implement them.

4. Aids in the creation of better content

Social media reporting tools make it easier to understand what type of content performs best and what type of content your audience wants. This allows you to make corrections and create better content for your brand.

5. Assists you in achieving better results

Social media reporting tools assist you in analyzing every key area that aids in driving growth and increasing sales.

5 Best Social Media Reporting Tool

  1. QuickMetrix

QuickMetrix is the best all-in-one open source social media analytics tools for businesses, assisting them in increasing their social media presence and driving better ROI. It provides a set of tools for managing social media accounts, analyzing social media data, and publishing content on social media.

QuickMetrix best features include:

  1. Sentiment Analysis on Social Media Editorial Calendar
  2. Brand performance can be measured from a single point of view.
  3. Improve insights to increase reach and engagement.
  4. Workflows that are seamless for multiple collaborations
  5. Use a chatbot to automate engagement.

2. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a popular platform for businesses that allows them to track social media analytics, schedule posts, and collaborate with team members.

3. Buffer

Buffer will make your life easier. The tools provide analytical data, publication, engagement, and social media reports for various channels.

4. Brand24 – Brand24 assists businesses with cross-channel social media monitoring. It allows you to track engagement and trending hashtags, as well as view brand mentions across platforms.

5. Sprout Social – Sprout Social provides a centralized view of all your social media handles. It also assists you in comprehending the  competitor’s analytics along with keeping you updated with the latest trends and hashtags.


You understand the value of social media as a business owner. It’s an excellent way to connect with customers and build a relationship with your target audience. With the help of Social Media Reporting Tools, you can improve your brand’s social media presence and campaign performance.

This AI Based social media management tool will simplify your life. It helps in the development of a streamlined workflow, tracks content performance, and serves as an excellent social listening tool.

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